About Member Registration

Q Who can become a member?

A The purpose of this website is to offer licensing opportunities to members and help members to obtain or offer licensing of their content (e.g. films, animations, television programs or video materials) among members worldwide.
Towards this end, content suppliers, copyright holders or managers, or broadcasting stations can become a member after meeting membership requirements.

Q How do I become a member?

A To become a member, please click the “Member Registration” button located at the upper right corner of the top page for the registration guide.

Q Can an account be shared among multiple users?

A Each Published Company ID Number is intended and designed for use by one company only.
The “Login ID (email address) and “password” are required for logging in, only the user of the registered email address should login to the account. However, by prior written notification and upon approval by our company, it is possible to set up more than one account(login using a different “email address” and “password”) for another user in the same company.

Q What should I do if I forget my password?

A Please click the “Forgot Password” button on the Log in page, and enter the Login ID (registered email address) and Company ID Number to reset your password.

Q What should I do if I forget my Company ID Number and password?

A Please contact us by filling out the Inquiry Form. Our staff will contact you via your registered email.

About Submission of Video Content

Q What kind of content is inappropriate for submission?

A HELLO EARTH CONTENT respects creative expression but we may reject at our discretion the submission of pornographic content targeted at adult audiences, content that contain aggression towards specific individuals, groups or nationalities, and content that incite discrimination.

Q Is the license right offered to my company exclusive?

A No, it is non-exclusive which we do not own the content submitted to us.
We can negotiate your agreement with content provider regarding exclusive right subject to specific terms laid down by you.
Whenever there is an enquiry on different terms from members who wish to acquire a license, we will notify the content holder, make adjustments on the terms and conditions of license agreement and finish the procedure under the consent of the content holder.

Q How to set the terms and conditions of license and license fee during the submission?

A You may set the terms and conditions of license and license fee when answering questions in the submission sheet on our website. The license right offered to our company shall be subject to specific terms that a content holder lays down at the time of submission.

Q Can I restrict the licensing of my video content by country?

A Yes. If you enter the names of the specific countries into ”Country You Cannot Enter into Agreement with” when submitting your content. 
The users from those countries will not be able to see the details and sample videos of your content on the website.

Q Is it possible to vary the license fee from country to country?

A For the time being content holders may set license fee as they wish only at the time of submission. In future, we will add a function which let you set license fees from country to country with reference to their price index etc.

Q What is the license fee (amount shown on website) to applicants/users?

A The license fee to applicants/users will be the license fee that have set by content holders during their submission plus the service charges of our company.

Q Can I promote my content or have promotional advertisements displayed on the webpage?

A HELLO EARTH CONTENT is a database offering video content, and does not yet offer promotion advertisement support for specific content on our website.
If you want to introduce your content to the other members through email marketing, please contact us for inquiries about promotional opportunities.

Q Can I submit my content by tape?

A Content can be submitted on tape (D2, B-Cam, Digital B-Cam, DV-Cam, DVC-Pro), but in NTSC or HD-CAM format only. Please note that there will be conversion fees for converting video tapes into data file.
For PAL/SECAM video tapes, please transfer the video tape into NTSC or HD-CAM format before submission.
Please check the details at “Submit your Video Content”.

Q Can I delete the content that I have submitted ?

A Yes, please contact us. 
Please note that the processing time may be longer if your content is already has any ongoing licensing application and negotiations regarding the agreement are in progress, as arrangements shall be required to be made with the applicant.

Q Is there any restriction on the length of the video content? Can I submit short films?

A There is no restriction on the length of the content.
However, for video content over 3 hours long, we will either upload your promotional video (please send it to us when submitting your content) or the first hour of your video content to the website if a promotional video is not available.

Q Can we still submit the content if it has already been licensed to certain countries/agents?

A For regions where exclusive rights have already been granted, please enter the names of those countries into the ”Country You Cannot Enter into Agreement with” when submitting your content. The users from those countries where sales cannot be made will not be able to see the details and sample videos of your content on the website. In the event that you wish to make sample videos available where such agreements are already in place, please make arrangements with the licensed party in the respective region(s), and inform our company in advance.

Q I want to know the method of delivery for content submission

Q How long does it take to get my video content to be published on the website after submission ?

A It takes around 1-3 business days after we receive all the video materials.

About Licensing Application

Q What should I do if want to negotiate about the license fee, license frequency, license period etc of a video content?

A Please fill out the inquiry form and send it to us to prepare for negotiations with the content holder.

Q What should I do if I have requests about theatrical right, remake right and format right?

A Please fill out the request form and send it to us to prepare for negotiations with the content holder.

Q I’d like to know about the previous sales history and purchaser(s) of submitted video content.

A We are unable to answer questions about sales history and previous purchasers of our video content as it is beyond our scope. However, we will guide and support you through the licensing process such as negotiation with the content providers. We are happy to answer any questions and discuss any concerns you may have.

Q Do you provide subtitles or voice-overs?

A Basically, any translation for the productions are to be carried out by the users(members). We can provide subtitles and/or voice-overs upon user requests, which shall be charged separately.

Q How long does it take for the delivery of the data?

A It takes around 10 business days after receipt of payment from the user(member) is confirmed.

Q I have made a mistake of ordering a content.

A Please contact us as soon as you are aware of the mistake. However, the order cannot be cancelled if the data has been delivered out of our Company. Please check everything carefully before complete the licensing application.

Q Can I make a cancellation?

A Cancellations cannot be made after delivery of video content.

Q I want to know the method of delivery for licensed content.

Q Who is responsible for the payment of taxes and custom charges?

A Additional charges for customs clearance should be fulfilled by the recipient.
International users may be required to pay sales tax, duty and/or customs charges.
All taxes and customs charges are the responsibility of the user and are not included in the cost of the order or shipping charge.
Please note that taxes and customs charges differ depending on the country and state of the shipping address.
Please contact your local customs office if you are unsure of the applicable taxes and customs fees that are relevant to you.


Q What is Hello Earth Inc. about?

A Hello Earth Inc., is a company based in Japan, with the scope of our business consisting of development of new businesses, sales promotion, advertising, as well as planning, development and production of media contents.
Please see “Company Profile”, which can be found at the bottom of the website.