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Out of respect for intention of each video content creator, all samples of video content on this website are shown in their original, unaltered form. Please note that the site will contain indications that sample videos, stock footage, etc. contain depictions of sexual or violent acts. Please read the content descriptions before viewing or using the sample videos.

It will take between two weeks to about a month from applying for a license to delivery of the content. If you plan to broadcast in less than one month, please contact us beforehand as the delivery might not be in time in some cases.

Please contact us if you plan to alter, edit, or otherwise change the video content in order to suit your broadcasting standards or time, after a licence agreement has been concluded.

How to apply

Please choose your desired content from the “Line-up”.  Line-up
Please log in. Login Registration
The details, a sample video, and the “Terms and Conditions for Licensing” are displayed.

*Please proceed to the “License Application”.
*If a license fee is not shown, or you wish to use the video content for a purposes or number of broadcasts not listed on the website, please contact to us.

The member details and the condition sheet are displayed.

Please enter your desired conditions (the date and time of use, etc.) and proceed to “Confirm".

You will see the details of the License Agreement (Provisional Agreement) and Quotation.

Please confirm details of displayed license agreement and proceed to "Formal License Agreement".
Application will be done at the time you click the“Complete Online Application and Proceed to formal License Agreement” button.

We will send a formal agreement for electrically sign and invoice by e-mail.

Please electrically sign the agreement to finish the agreement process.

After we have confirmed your payment, we will deliver the video data of the content you applied for using the delivery method listed on the agreement.

After you have received the content, please use it appropriately in accordance with the conditions stated in the License Agreement.

About Video Data

1 Specification of Delivery Data
2 Display Aspect Ratio
3 About Delivery of Video Data
4 Processing the Data After Use


1 About Payment
2 About Taxes