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Qualification for Submission
You must be the holder or manager of all copyrights regarding the content being submitted. If you cannot confirm that you have permission to use part of the copyright at the time of submission, please consult with us beforehand.
Desired Content
The content we are looking for includes "video works" and "stock footage" for movies and television broadcasting. Please be aware that we reserve the right to reject submissions based on content or genre (for example, pornographic works produced for adults, works that promote discrimination, or works with an apparent political agenda, etc.). Genre that we are looking for
How to submit

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Please proceed to "Content Submission". Please enter and send to us. Content Submission

3 We will contact you within three business days.

(About confirmation of terms and conditions & notification of the conveyance method of sample movie to us.)

4 Please convey your video data to us.

5 Completion of Submission.

After uploading your content to HELLO EARTH CONTENT, we will start to introduce it to broadcast organizations.

About Video Data
Please prepare copies of equivalent quality to the master copy in your possession and convey them to Hello Earth Inc. The preparation of broadcast quality copies will be assist to make them understand to our members, and deliver speedy your content to the user who applied the licence.

Handling of Submitted Video Data
All Video data will be maintained in our company's local environment, which cannot be accessed directly via the Internet.
When we upload your video data on Hello Earth Content as sample videos (full movie or trailer), we will lower the resolution below broadcast level, insert our company logos, watermarks or content provider's logos as necessary to prevent unauthorised piracies, and publish on this site as a streaming data. These sample videos are not the same as the high-quality video data for broadcast and non-downloadable.
For content such as movies and drama series, we may add simple explanatory English subtitles to the content after checking with the content provider in order to make it easier for members from a different country to understand.

About Video Data

Procedures for Handling User Requests
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